Weiss Builders is a Melbourne based builder specialising in architect-designed residential work. We work in an open style and promote trust and communication as key to a successful build.

Weiss Builders is an environmentally responsible builder. We are committed to responsible waste practices, best use and conservation of materials, and keeping informed of new materials, practices and technology.

Christopher Weiss is the Principal of Weiss Builders with a background in industrial design, manufacturing and project management. Chris brings an open management style to the table and an understanding of how a project should be experienced by our clients.

Building a home is a collaborative experience where the clients should be given the best possible information so informed decisions can be made.

Jarrod Weiss, Construction Manager, has 12 years’ experience in building construction and a proven track record in leading quality workmanship.

I'm involved in everything that’s happening on site and get the full picture quickly, I can see how it should all come together.